Kolossus | Big Dog Carrier & Backpacking Pack


KOLOSSUS is THE big dog backpack carrier that now doubles as a backpacking pack. It is ideal for carrying medium to large dogs and available in sizes L-XXL.

KOLOSSUS technology is top of the line in pet/human safety and comfort. Adjustable shoulder/torso sizing makes this backpack more suitable than ever for all body types (as long as you can withstand the weight). When you’re not carrying your 4-legged friend, the backpack easily converts to carry your gear with up to 60 liters of space. Use this backpack for strenuous hikes, bike rides, and public transit.

For Dogs Ranging 20-80 lbs (9-36 kgs) 50-60 liter capacity View More Sizing Instruction Features * Backpacking Pack Conversion * Adjustable Shoulder/Torso Height * Removable Lap Belt with Hip Pockets & Waste Bag Dispenser * Internal Frame with Inner Padding for Dog Comfort * Padded Back Panel with Increased Airflow * Removable Storage/Dog Back Sup