Single Ingredient Beef Chips for Dogs

SINGLE INGREDIENT DOG TREATS No long ingredient list. Nothing you can't pronounce, nothing you wouldn't eat. Sourced and manufactured in NC in small batches, air-dried with ONLY 1 ingredient, Beef Hearts, so your customers can buy healthy treats that their dogs deserve. Our nutritious beef treats are sourced from 100% human-grade beef inspected by the USDA locally so we NEVER add any unhealthy by-products, binders, or fillers. No sugar. Just a treat DOG TRAINING TREATS Ideal as dog obedience training treats as they break apart easily into smaller snack bites. Dogs crave protein and respond enthusiastically to high value treats, so we made our training treats for dogs high in protein and low in empty calories to encourage healthy training sessions. Whether you need puppy treats for training or reinforcement treats for older dogs our real meat dog treats are the perfect training dog treats! RESPONSIBLY SOURCED