Farm Hounds Green Beef Tripe Chew

Type: treats
  • 100% Sustainably sourced Green Tripe, single ingredient, sourced from small regenerative family farms in the USA.
  • Essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 (skin and coat)
  • Digestive enzymes (soothe an upset tummy)
  • Protein (building healthy muscle)
  • Boosts the immune system

What is Beef Tripe? Tripe is the lining of a cow's stomach! It's nutrient-rich and considered a superfood! The GREEN signals that no bleach or chemical processing has been applied in any way (which is a common process in human markets).

Tripe is known for its funky/stinky smell, but dogs go crazy for it!

Why do pieces look different?Cows have 4 stomachs and depending on what stomach your tripe chew comes from, it can have different textures and colors.


Chewing is one of the best mental and physical activities a dog can participate in!

Want to save your dog from dental disease, horrible breath, and teeth cleaning bills? Then give your dog a chew for around 10 minutes every day!

Similar to humans, canine dental issues can impact the overall health of your pet! Not only is gnawing and chewing a great mental and physical exercise, but it cleans teeth and strengthens gums! Daily chewing is just like brushing teeth for humans!

Limit chewing to 15-20 minutes per session. Most dogs feel fully satisfied (endorphins get released in the brain) after short sessions of back-of-the-jaw gnawing. After chewing, store the hide out of sight and give again when you need the pup to have some down time!